Our deliveries are carried out either by ourselves, or Adelaide’s premier floral courier ‘Adelaide Flower Power Xpress’. Both ourselves and AFPX pride ourselves in our service and it is important to us that your flowers are delivered in a timely manner and in the same pristine condition as when they left our shop.

For AM deliveries, orders must be placed by 10am on the morning of the delivery at the latest for guaranteed AM delivery.

For PM deliveries, orders will be delivered by 5:30pm at the latest, however this is usually earlier. Deliveries can be made as late afternoon which would be between 5:30pm and 6:00pm if agreed upon between yourself and us.

For timed deliveries, (e.g. ‘delivery must be by 1pm’) a surcharge may be applicable.

If you have a particular delivery request, please contact us to discuss it further and we will endeavour to meet your needs as practicable.


Deliveries which include any alcohol will not be left unattended at recipients' premises or left at the premises with a child under the age of 18 years old if no adults are present. This is due to Liquor Licensing for SA. Therefore, please ensure that you know the recipient will be home otherwise we can deliver at an alternative address (eg a work place).


In circumstances where a recipient isn’t home to receive the order, one of the following scenarios will take place:
  • The flowers will be left at the recipient's premises if there is a safe and 'out of street view' place to leave them
  • They will be left with a neighbour (we prefer not to do this option unless we have been specifically asked to)
  • The order is taken back to the shop for pick-up or re-delivery

If weather doesn’t permit us to leave the order at the recipient's premises (e.g. when it's too hot or raining), the above scenarios will be applied also.

A delivery card advising the recipient of their order and it's whereabouts will be left in the letterbox with further instructions and contact details.

If you, as the customer, have specified to us that the flowers can be left regardless of safety or weather, it will be done so at your own risk. We will not be held liable if the flowers are stolen or damaged in any way.

If the flowers need to be re-delivered, another delivery charge may be applicable. This is at the discretion of either us, or AFPX (this excludes Interflora orders, in which case, please refer to http://www.interflora.com.au/htw/our-delivery-policy/ for their delivery policy).


Under the circumstances of a death where flowers are required for a funeral or service, we understand that time is limited. We kindly ask that we have as much notice as possible to provide you with the flowers you and your family wish for, for your deceased loved one.

We require the following information:
  • Full name of the deceased
  • Name / address / phone number of the funeral home, church or place of service
  • Date and time of funeral
  • What flowers you would like


Please ensure all possible details for recipients and their addresses are disclosed to us to make the delivery as smooth as possible.

We require the following information:
  • Full name of the recipient
  • A contact number for the recipient
  • Unit / apartment / street number
  • Unit / apartment / building name
  • Floor / level / room / department number or name (important for commercial premises)
  • If the property is security gated
  • If it’s a retirement home / nursing home / business / hotel / resort /  hospital etc
  • If for a business, its closing hours
  • If for a business the finishing time for the recipient
  • Any other property security details or general details you feel we need to know


As flowers are a product of nature, we cannot always guarantee all flowers will be available all year round. Therefore, there will be times where we will need to substitute flowers or foliage that is shown in our pictures. However, the following factors will be considered:
  • Value of flower / foliage
  • Shape of flower / foliage
  • Size of flower / foliage
  • Colour of flower / foliage
  • Design importance of flower / foliage
The design shape, ceramic container, box or vase will be as pictured or as close to as possible so it will not change the over-all look of the design.


Being that Valentine’s Day is the busiest day in a florist's year, roses may incur a higher price as to what is stated in our ‘store’ section. This is due to the high demand on growers and the grower or supplier increasing their prices. However, we always endeavour to give you the best of quality at the best price.


To help you celebrate your most special day, we require a minimum 2 months’ notice of your wedding flowers to provide you with the best of quality and craftsmanship.

To secure your booking for your wedding flowers, we require a minimum 20% deposit to be made once a quote has been agreed upon. The remaining amount needs to be paid at the latest 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. You may pay it off in installments if you wish. To discuss this option, please contact us.

In the unfortunate scenario of your wedding being cancelled, you will receive a refund of monies paid minus the deposit. If your wedding is cancelled in the week (within 7 days) leading up to your wedding, a refund amount will be given at our discretion, taking into account what has already been paid by us to suppliers for your wedding and any work carried out by us in preparation for your wedding.

Changes to your wedding flowers or designs may be permitted as sometimes we see something else we like! However, finalisation of designs need to be completed at a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your wedding date to ensure we have adequate time to accommodate for the changes. Any additional products which incur a higher monetary value due to any changes you request, will be added onto your account with your prior knowledge and notification (i.e. this will be advised to you upon discussing and agreeing to the changes).

If the flowers or colours that were agreed upon are unavailable at the time of your wedding, we will do our utmost best to source them alternatively. However, unfortunately mother nature sometimes wins and we will endeavour to obtain the closest flower and colour to your original choice as possible. We do request though, that you have a ‘plan B’ in place for this scenario. Bare in mind, we are qualified florists with years of experience and these circumstances are far and few between. We will notify you of any substitutions that may need to be made ASAP and if there is a higher cost involved then we will wear that cost (not you) as our valued customer.


All personal details given to us by yourself for the purpose of a transaction are kept securely in either our digital database or in locked physical files on our premises.

For the purpose of deliveries, we will not disclose the senders details to the recipient. If you wish for the recipient to know who has sent their flowers, please ensure it is written on the card message.

If you do not wish for the recipient to know who sent their flowers, 'Flowers on the Terrace' will not be held responsible for any ill-feelings between you as the sender and the recipient. 'Flowers on the Terrace' will not tolerate any bad behaviour from the recipient as a result of non-disclosure on your part. To avoid this, please ensure that flowers sent of an anonymous nature are sent with good intentions.