Is your office or reception counter looking a little bare? Or that corner over there, is there something missing? We would love to fill your office with something creative, modern, simple or traditional...

Many behavioural researchers have attributed increased customer satisfaction and employee productivity & creativity to visually stimulating workplaces and customer reception areas.

We can provide and deliver fresh displays on a weekly basis whilst removing the previous week's display. Vases and ceramic containers are reuseable with this service to both reduce the cost and your office's wastage. We have many versatile designs available including weekly alternation to keep your office visually stimulating.

Please contact us to discuss workplace displays created specifically to meet your needs.
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At 'Flowers on the Terrace', we know that your customers are as important to you as ours are to us. Simply supplying customers is not enough for long-term business stability. Re-occuring supply and mutually beneficial relationships are absolutely vital. Do you want to show your customers how important they are to your organisation and why they should continue to use your organisation?

A visually stimulating floral corporate gesture is as charming as a personal gift and will 'seal the deal'.

Please contact us to discuss corporate gestures for your customers created specifically to meet your needs.


Let 'Flowers on the Terrace' accommodate to your needs. Designs are prepared and quoted specifically for your event with consideration to your preferences and budget.

Please contact us to discuss your event in detail.